About digital badges

What is a digital badge?

In educational contexts, digital badges emerged as an alternative to traditional degrees and certificates. Badges have been used as an evidence of learning of different nature, such as inside and outside class learning, life-long learning, formal and non-formal learning. It can vary depending on the provider, but the idea at the core of Insignias INTEF is that a badge is a kind of credential that evidences the acquisition of competences and/or the successful achievement of the objectives of a certain educational activity.

What can I use a badge for?

A badge acts as evidence of the acquisition of a certain competence or skill. It is common to display it in different web spaces, such as a blog, a personal web, or even one’s own résumé, since they are unique for each user. It is important to consider that digital badges emerged at the end of the 20th century and its importance has only grown since then. It is reasonable to expect this importance to grow even bigger. In addition to this, badges can be regarded as a reinforcement to motivation.

Can badges be recognized as another form of credential or qualification?

Insignias INTEF provides no way of recognizing badges as another credential form.

Do I have to revalidate my badges after a certain time?

For most of the badges, no. However, bear in mind that some badges may have an ‘Expiry Date’. If so, it will be properly displayed on the badge details.

I’m really interested in this alternative credentialing movement like digital badges. Where can I learn more?

The alternative and free credentialing movement started long ago on the Internet. This article (in Spanish) can be of interest to learn more.

About exporting a badge

How do I download one of my badges?

Once you have logged in access ‘My Profile’. Then, click on the picture of the badge in order to see its details. Now, click on the Download button.

Can I export my badges to other backpacks?

At the moment Insignias INTEF can only export badges to Mozilla Open Badges. The service is open to add more possibilities in the future.

Can I share my badges on social networks such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook?

Yes. In the ‘My Badges’ section there are several buttons with the icons of these social networks. Click on one of them and a window will appear requesting permission for publishing on the social network displaying the badge.

Can I display my badges on my professional profile on LinkedIn?

Yes, Insignias INTEF badges can appear on your professional profile on LinkedIn as a certification. Log into Insignias INTEF using your credentials, then click on ‘My Badges’. Click on the LinkedIn icon below the picture of the badge. When you do that, a LinkedIn dialog window will ask you if you want to add the certification to your profile. If the badge doesn’t appear right away, please reload your LinkedIn profile before you attempt to export the badge again.

Why have not my badges been imported?

In the import process, a series of mandatory validations are performed before completing the process.
Import process may not succeed because of access restrictions to your image or assertion information.

Navigation and platform

How do I sign up?

From the landing page, https://insignias.educacion.es, you can register by clicking on the ‘Log in’ box on the upper right corner. It will expand a menu to log in with your user id and password, or to create a new account. Click on ‘Create an account’.

At that time you will be asked your first and last names and your email address. It is necessary that both name and email address are valid. The email address must be the same as the one used to register at INTEF training services (MOOC, NOOC). Additionally, you will be asked to fill in a verification procedure or captcha. If successful, you will receive an email message with further instructions in order to activate the newly created account.

I can’t remember my password. What can I do?

Click on ‘Log in’ on the upper right corner of the landing page. Then, when the menu appears, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option. Fill in the requested fields in order to receive an email message with further instructions to reset your password.

Is there a fee or subscription for using Insignias INTEF?

No. All the services provided by INTEF are free of charge.

I want to delete my account and the badges associated to it. How can I do it?

To delete your own account, access your profile and click on ‘Edit’. Then, click on the ‘Delete’ button. Before you proceed please consider that it is not possible to revert this action and that your information will be permanently deleted.

About technical issues

I have completed a course at mooc.educalab.es, formacion.educalab.es,  spooc.educalab.es or nooc.educalab.es and my badge is not included in «My Badges». What should I do?

These are the requisites to have a badge earned through the successful completion of a course –of any modality– offered by INTEF inside Insignias INTEF. Please, check that:

  • You have a user account in the INTEF training services (mooc.educalab.es, spooc.educalab.es, formacion.educalab.es or nooc.educalab.es).
  • You have a user account at Insignias INTEF, created with the same email address than the aforementioned training services from INTEF.
  • You are enrolled in the course and have successfully completed the minimum tasks to earn the badge.
  • You have accessed the «Get your badge» section of the course and have clicked on the «Claim your badge» button.
  • You have received a feedback message on the training platform about the successful earning of the badge.

If you have followed these steps but still don’t see your badge at Insignias INTEF, please contact formacionenred@mecd.es, including your username and the name of the course.